[DHd-blog] CfP für Workshop: Humanities-Centered AI (CHAI) der 44th Conference on Artificial Intteligence (KI2021) am 28.09.21


Der Workshop Humanities-Centred AI (CHAI) und Early Career Research bei der 44th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI2021) hat eine verlängerte Einreichungsfrist für Beiträge bis zum 30.07.2021.

Workshop CHAI (28. September, 13:30-18:00): AI can support research in the Humanities making it easier and more efficient. It is thus essential that AI practitioners and Humanities scholars take a Humanities-centred approach to the development, deployment and application of AI methods for the Humanities (see the call at https://www.csmc.uni-hamburg.de/ki2021-chai).

Early Career Research (27. September): The early career research consortium provides young researchers from any subject area within AI with the opportunity to present their ideas and receive feedback at an early stage of at their scientific work (see https://ki2021.uni-luebeck.de/call_doctoral_consortium.html).

KI2021 main conference: https://ki2021.uni-luebeck.de/organization.html 

Sylvia Melzer