[DHd-blog] International Survey of the Time Machine CSA: What are next priorities in the field of digital technologies for cultural heritage and humanities?


Dear colleagues,

we would highly appreciate if you could spend some minutes of your valuable time to complete a survey to identify research priorities, stakeholders and best practices in the field of digital technologies for cultural heritage in for elaborating a research agenda for a large scale research initiative. We are writing to you since you have contributed to major international workshops and conferences in the field of digital cultural heritage.

This survey has 6 questions only. You should be able to complete it within 5-10 minutes.
Please follow: https://ww3.unipark.de/uc/time_machine_survey/

Time Machine (TM) is a large-scale research initiativeaiming to develop the big data of the past by designing and implementingadvanced new digitisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to mineEurope’s vast cultural heritage. The EuropeanCommission has chosen Time Machine (https://timemachine.eu/) as one of the six CSA proposals retained for preparing large scaleresearch initiatives in the next decade (call FETFLAG-01-2018). With yourparticipation and support, we intend to review and examine needs and proceduresthat are of high relevance for elaborating a research agenda to approachfunding bodies such as the European Commission and national ministries.

We highly appreciate your willingness to participateand value your feedback.

On behalf of the Time Machine
Sander Münster