[DHd-blog] DH-Videoclip Adventskalender 2016 – Tür 17


Die Universität Groningen bietet seit diesem Wintersemester einen neuen Masterstudiengang in Digital Humanities an. Folgender Clip stellt ihn genauer vor und macht Lust aufs Studium.

Content from social media and audiovisual media, sets of big data, digital archives, computerized handwriting analysis – today’s digital culture is causing rapid changes to how research in the Humanities is conducted. These new forms of research are also known as Digital Humanities: Humanities research with a modern, digital twist. This field of research is so promising and could have so much impact that the University of Groningen will be starting a Master’s degree programme in Digital Humanities in September. (Quelle: YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AhbJljFpRI)