[DHd-blog] DH-Videoclip Adventskalender 2015 – Tür 2


Zwei geisteswissenschaftliche ESFRI-Projekte gibt es derzeit: CLARIN und DARIAH. In den Niederlanden hat man daraus eine Initiative CLARIAH gemacht – José van Dijck stellt sie auf dem roten Konferenz-Sofa vor:

At the Third eScience Symposium, recently held at the ArenA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Primeur Magazine had the opportunity to talk with José van Dijck, President of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). José van Dijck is Professor of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She is very interested in digital humanities as a new branch of the humanities that has become interested in digital sources. Her team is working with digital text but also with digital images and sounds. They work with structured data and they are interested in how the digital data becomes a new material from which they draw new interpretations. All this data is putting a lot of new challenges to the team as researchers. (Quelle: https://youtu.be/fZBv1rna1pI)

Das Interview „Digital humanities‘ project CLARIAH is digitizing datasets to get new science out of them“ gibts natürlich auch  dem DHd-Kanal.