[JADH] JADH2021 regstration


JADH2021 Registration

1. Check your membership of ADHO
2. If you are not an ADHO member, pay your registration fee. Otherwise, skip this step.
3. Input your information on Registration form. If impossible, email your information to us.

Registration fee

Membership Fee
ADHO member 0 JPY
Non-ADHO member 4000 JPY
Non-ADHO student member 2000 JPY
You can join ADHO immediately on the following Web page. Purchase \”Members – Joint membership of all Associations in the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations\”. Membership only price is £25.00 and Student membership only price is £15.00
Otherwise, pay your registration fee, if you are not ADHO memeber:

Non-ADHO member ¥4,000 JPY
Non-ADHO student member ¥2,000 JPY


Fill the Registration form

If you can not access to the registration form, please send email to conf2021-at-jadh.org (replace \”-at-\” with \”@\”), including the following information.

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Presenter or not
  • ADHO member or not
  • If you are an ADHO member, your customer number on OUP