Exploring Film Language with a Digital Analysis Tool: the Case of Kinolab

作者:Allison Cooper, Bowdoin College
Fernando Nascimento, Bowdoin College
David Francis, Bowdoin College

转载来源:Digital Humanities Quarterly, 2021, Volume 15 Number 1,http://www.digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/15/1/000515/000515.html

本文介绍了 Kinolab, 一个用于分析叙事电影语言的数字平台。本文认为,电影和媒体研究教师和学生需要一个专注于电影语言的学术剪辑数据库,最近的技术和法律进步为这种数字人文工作创造了有利的环境。该项目的讨论位于运动图像注释当代发展的更广泛背景下,并讨论了计算驱动的运动图像分析带来的独特挑战。


Allison Cooper 

Allison Cooper is Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and Cinema Studies at Bowdoin College and project director of Kinolab. Her research is on the relationship between moving image and computational analysis, focusing in particular on the digital analysis of film language.

Fernando Nascimento 

Fernando Nascimento is Assistant Professor in Digital and Computational Studies at Bowdoin College teaching courses and researching on digital text analysis, philosophy of technology and hermeneutics. He is currently lead collaborator of the Kinolab project, co-director of the Digital Ricoeur project, and director of the Society for Ricoeur Studies.

David Francis 

David Francis is Senior Interactive Developer in Academic Technology and Consulting at Bowdoin College. He provides technical support for various digital initiatives for the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, the Arctic Museum, the Bowdoin Library’s Special Collections, and faculty initiatives.