Annotating our Environs with the Sound and Sight of Numbers: The DataScapes Project


John Bonnett, Brock University
Joe Bolton, Business Insight 3
William Ralph, Brock University
Amy Legault, Billyard Insurance Group
Erin MacAfee, University of Ottawa
Michael Winter, Brock University
Chris Jaques,
Mark Anderson, Independent Consultant

转载来源:Digital Humanities Quarterly, 2021, Volume 15 Number1,

DataScapes项目是对增强现实对象如何作为景观设计的组成部分的探索。该项目以Stephen Ramsay的Screwmeneutics和Harold Innis的Oral Tradition为理论起点,整合了数据艺术的产品——数据的可视化和声音化——作为我们两件作品The Five Senses和Emergence的组成部分。


John Bonnett 

John Bonnett is Associate Professor of History at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada. He is a former Tier II Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities (2005–2015), and is the author of Emergence and Empire, an award-winning monograph devoted to the writings of the communication theorist Harold Innis.

Joe Bolton 

Joe Bolton received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming from Edge Hill University in 2014. He is currently Head of Software and IT at Business Insight 3.

William Ralph 

William Ralph was Associate Professor of Mathematics at Brock University until 2019. A software developer, he has developed multiple applications to support education and financial planning. Ralph is also an algorithmic artist. His work can be viewed at and

Amy Legault 

Amy Legault received her Bachelor of Music degree from Brock University in 2014. She currently works for the Billyard Insurance Group in Marketing.

Erin MacAfee 

Erin MacAfee is a PhD student at the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Specializing in music performance anxiety, her research explores the relationships between self-efficacy and anxiety in young musicians.

Michael Winter 

Michael Winter is a Professor of Computer Science at Brock University. He is the current Director of the GAME program, a Brock University-Niagara College joint program dedicated to the design and study of video games.

Chris Jaques 

Chris Jaques received his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Brock University in 2013. He is currently the Cloud Architect for

Mark Anderson 

Mark Anderson was Professor of Computer Programming at Edge Hill University until 2017. He currently works as a consultant.